How to Be a Sponsor

Still Accepting Sponsors and Donations!

Download the Sponsorship Form here. Print and return it to the address listed on the form with your enclosed check. We will add you and/or your business to our Sponsor List. Thank you in advance!

All late sponsor checks will be recognized after the event.


Grand Sustaining Super-Champ:$10,000 (sponsor receives up to 10 tickets)
Beefsteak: $5,000 (sponsor receives up to 8 tickets)
Big Boy: $2,500 (sponsor receives up to 8 tickets)
Heirloom: $1,500 (sponsor receives up to 6 tickets)
Roma: $500 (sponsor receives up to 4 tickets)
Cherry: $250 (sponsor receives up to 2 tickets)

Please return this form before July 10th, along with payment to:

Athens Nurses Clinic, P.O. Box 1732, Athens, GA 30603